Recovery from abuseThe Me Too movement and the Royal Commission for Sexual Abuse has highlighted how common sexual abuse is in the community and the trail of devastation it leaves with those who experience it, through institutions, organisations, the education system and also family systems and partners.

This fact became clear to me years ago when in Family Constellations workshops, when sexual abuse came up in the family system and was sensitively worked with, in providing appropriate justice and release from the shame and guilt of it, how many hands were raised to work next for a similar issue. The predominant belief had been that nothing could be done about it and individuals commonly feared vilification if they exposed what happened to them. I have developed a way of working with systemic sexual abuse that is brief, deeply effective and freeing for clients.

A lawyer at one of my workshops made the point that while she helps many to find justice in the legal system for this issue, even those who are successful in proving their case and gain financial recompense, walk away feeling that justice has not been fully served. Their heart and soul is not served. She made the comment that such a process as a systemic Constellation on this issue would be highly or even more beneficial for them in putting their life together again.

While I am able to work with systemic sexual abuse energy well using constellations, I also became aware that this is frequently not complete, as the personal trauma and damage remains trapped in the mind and body of individuals. This also needs to be released, resolved and integrated in the personal psyche of the individual.

Individuals are part of a family system and also individual entities as well. Both make the whole. Individuals also need to be able to resolve their personal arrested ‘fight and flight’ responses, release the trauma held in their bodies and minds and come out of their heightened reactive states and integrate it into their full awareness in returning to normal. In clearing this new neural pathways can form in recovery.

In working with people in my private practice after assisting them with a constellation, I realised that in returning to my counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy skills with them to work with what is left over, that this felt very slow and ineffective compared to the speed and flow of a constellation and started to look for better ways of working with resolving trauma in the personal psyche.

Over many years and clients I have created a way of working that fits perfectly with the constellation process in having a similar philosophy of what is required for wellness. These being, Love, Connection, Safety, Dignity, Autonomy, Justice. It is brief, experiential, safe, psychodynamic, phenomenological and includes the best from past psychotherapies, neuroscience and innovation. Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). The EMI process utilises naturally occurring healing pathways to recovery and self-healing for the client. This is a neuro-trance psychotherapy clearing one neural pathway at a time and completing with integration each session requiring 3-5 sessions only for more than 90% of clients.

This is perfect for sexual abuse recovery, but also for personal conflicts, disturbances, mental health and trauma related issues such as PTSD. It is deeply foundational just as the constellation process is for systemic issues and the duo, constellations and EMI make a perfect fit for a truly wholistic, fast and effective twenty-first century approach for relieving human suffering.

I invite you to join me in advanced training for Recovery From Sexual Abuse.

If you are a Family Constellations practitioner you may do Emotional Mind Integration training to add to your skill set. If you are new you may do Family Constellations or Emotional Mind Integration training or both. They both include recovery from sexual abuse within the training. I offer the opportunity to revolutionise your business and your ability to help people with a wide range of issues quickly, deeply and efficiently. See my book Rapid Core Healing for full details of this approach.