This may feel like the case when you are in it but this can end up as a collection of people telling their sad or tragic story and over time can overwhelm your view of the world. Terrible as it is and I know it can be really destroying on all levels, telling the story can keep us stuck. It can even become a bit of a competition around who can tell the most tragic story. Even worse it can cause vicarious trauma to others.

Don’t believe me. Consider, Has telling the story or hearing others stories really helped you in your recovery?

No doubt it helped to feel heard and validated. You may have felt compassion and understanding form others. That has great value, but has it really helped you in recovery? 

If it has you won’t need to keep telling or hearing these stories. 

Once you are recovered there is a sense of not wanting to stay in this space.

Get real help. You don’t have to let this define you.