About Yildiz at the Recovery From Sexual Abuse Clinic

Yildiz is a psychotherapy innovator, personal development facilitator, trainer, speaker and author.

She was born with a strong curiosity and imagination that continues to drive her.

Yildiz always had a fascination for science and the mind. She was a physics and chemistry teacher until she reached a sensitive crossroad in her life which changed her direction. She wanted to assist people in making deep change.

This led her to the study of a range of psychotherapies. Her intention has been to source more effective ways to help people heal and make the changes they want.  She especially wanted to know if it was possible to change psyche by transforming deeply ingrained and mostly unconscious beliefs, patterns and trauma, so people could take more control of their experiences and the way they create their lives. Yildiz was an educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years where she specialised in Methods of Counselling.

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Yildiz Sethi
Founder of EMI and RCH

Through her clients she found that many had an often unstated history of sexual abuse, who were experiencing relationships problems, sexual dysfunction depression, anxiety, panic attacks and low self-esteem.

Over time Yildiz founded Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Shift and presented them in her book Rapid Core Healing. She found that working this way that recovery took place relatively quickly. People returned to themselves and their life and moved on. This has inspired her to specialise in this area and offer training to practitioners so that more people may receive the message that recovery from sexual abuse is achievable once they are ready to move on in a way that is safe, well-structured and without re-traumatisation.

She offers education and training in Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Shift and Systemic Constellations and workshops (and training) and continues her private practice in Brisbane.


Yildiz has a Master counselling degree, Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma, and a clinical professional supervisor. She was an Educator at Australian College of Applied Psychology specialising in Methods of counselling methods for 8 years.

Professional Member ASCH.