Sexual abuse trauma is a very deep trauma that may last long after the incident.

I am giving a presentation for those in the field of counselling, hypnotherapy, social work or psychotherapy or those are interested in entering this field, on solutions. This will include the latest findings in the treatment of trauma and in particular sexual abuse, that includes neuro science. I have been working very successfully in this area inadvertently for many years in my private practice, in that the underlying issues of a portion of my clients is undeclared sexual abuse. Many of them have never spoke of it previously, while others have sought full and extensive treatment and have been told years later that they are survivors, but in reality are a long way from recovery. 

 In the Presentation I will draw on my knowledge as a pracademic and psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and systemic Family Constellations therapist and trainer of twenty years, author in the field and founder of psychotherapies. This is a talk about not only the problems but also the solutions in therapeutic practice for fast effective outcomes for recovery.

This presentation Recovery From Sexual Abuse is an approved ACA Professional development event with OPD points for professionals in the field.

The event is on 19 March 2020 6-9 pm at Wynnum Brisbane, Qld 4178. For details and Booking into the presentation here.

See New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse clinic here