Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Recovery From Sexual Abuse


The Me Too movement has been instrumental in many people coming forward in revealing what has happened to them.

Until this time it has been a difficult subject to broach, because it is often accompanied by shame and fear of judgement. Shame at being unable to stop the abuse, due to the violence or physical or psychological power involved, or shame at freezing and not able to fight back in fear for your life. The effects of such abuse are layered and frequently locked in the past of all cultures, going back thousands of years to biblical times and beyond. Cultures that somehow blame women primarily for what happens, even if it is outside their control.

I know that sexual abuse also takes place in men too and it also has a devastating effect on their identity and sense of self and self-respect, in a way that can have very serious consequences for them and their relationships.

Incest is another area that is laden with taboo and deep shame, for the individuals concerned and their families.

The problem is that trauma that cannot be addressed or processed is trapped in the body and mind and can form the base of poor self-esteem and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and panica attack or PTSD.

For many years I have had people come to Family Constellation workshops with sexual abuse issues that gain much healing by going through a process where they can finally redress the balance of power and injustice through the process and take back their power.

In my private practice this continues in Family Constellation private sessions, particularly for systemic, trans generational issues, in person or online.

For sexual abuse that may be non-systemic, that takes place in the life of individuals for men and women, I use Emotional Mind Integration or a combination called Rapid Core Healing to release the trauma held in the body and mind.

These ways of working assist the person in releasing the trauma and regaining their dignity and personal power in only a few sessions.

Recently I had a lawyer attend a constellation workshop who made the comment that this way of working is what is often missing in the judicial process, as victims whether they win or lose their cases, frequently feel that they have been short-changed in getting the justice that they feel they deserve, even if they are successful in gaining financial recompense.

Such processes as those I offer here to victims of sexual abuse, really make a difference in allowing people to put their abuse behind them in a good way (safely processed) and move on into their lives, in opening the door to a new start. Abuse no longer defines them, their sexuality, or their relationships. With psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and neuroscience developments there is no reason my recovery from trauma should not be a brief and effective process.

I would like to see better ways of working with sexual abuse spread throughout the world that goes far beyond talk-therapies, support groups or management tools, techniques or medication for the symptoms of trauma, so that more people could really recover and make the most of their lives in a timely way.

I run a clinic at New Dawn called Recovery From Sexual Abuse where I hold sessions and packages of sessions of normally 3-5 sessions for recovery. In this I am not only trauma informed but trauma skilled in how to assist in the resolution and release of trauma and empowerment of victims in a way that does not have to leave them scarred for life.

I am also running training in recovery from sexual abuse for practitioners to up-skiil in turning their practice around so that they can be the go to person in their community that includes Emotional Mind Integration for personal trauma and Family Constellations for systemic, generational traumas for a truly deep and wholistic approach to effective recovery.

Yildiz Sethi. Founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing. Family Constellations practitioner training

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