Moving on Yildiz Sethi

Change is a constant force that operates relentlessly. It is so much part of our lives that we often don’t notice its presence.

The problem is, our nature is innately inquisitive and primed with an impulse for new experiences that inevitably becomes a force for change. New experiences change us from within and informs our outlook on life and so we are continually changing our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This feeds into our intentions, behaviour and communication. Hence, it impacts those around us and our environment. So by our nature, change is self-driven and compulsive and yet interestingly, we also seek reliability and permanence. We are in conflict, as we want it all. 

We are part of our environment, planet and the universe and it is in constantly state of  evolution, cycles within cycles of continuous change. So change is both within and without and an unstoppable force. 

Change has downsides too, as it is uncomfortable, requires energy and motivation and may involve a change of identity: a change of face. It’s common for many to resist change for these reasons, until it becomes too hard to resist and it happens anyway. In addition, we know we risk judgement or disappointment in making change, as some won’t like it. The change process starts with a realisation that things need to move and at this stage is unclear how or what that is. Then follows withdrawal, at least psychological, as inner walls break down and the new starts to reform and crystallize, much like the process in a butterfly.

I have been going through a process of change. My core is still the same, but now I have changed my intention of how and what I offer. My core intention remains the same. I am a pracademic. Someone who loves theory, research, development and science and also putting it together in tangible practical ways to help real people with real problems in reliable and replicable psychotherapeutic modalities. My greatest teachers remain my clients. This is what led to my development of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing in attempting to fulfil a real need I observed in psychotherapy, that was not keeping up in the evolution of available knowledge and practice. Through knowledge, trial and error I put together essential and compatible elements of Mind science in addressing the struggle and mental health problems that people face. This resulted in founding the modalities Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing. These are foundational, in that they may be used in a wide range of relationship, self-esteem, conflicts, disturbances, sexual abuse, substance abuse and trauma related issues, so that therapists trained in these are free to decide where they wish to focus.

I have opened a new clinic called “New Dawn – Recovery From Sexual Abuse” offering sessions and packages to those who wish to recover and training for people who wish to become therapists in this area. 

As a Systemic Family Constellation therapist and trainer, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, founder and author, I have been working in this area successfully for many years in my private practice, workshops and trainings. Systemic Family Constellations continue to have a prominent role in my work; however, I have enhanced this by creating ways to work briefly, experientially in a solution focused way with the non-systemic too. This completes a wholistic and powerfully effective approach for all of my work with people.

In New Dawn, my focus includes the Systemic or generational aspects of sexual abuse and also the personal aspects of present-day sexual assault, childhood abuse, date rape, etc. and recovery, in only a few sessions. I am a specialist in resolving trauma. 

This is my response to the findings of the Royal Commission and the ongoing Me Too movement that showed that there are many people out there who are still struggling with what happened, with nowhere to go beyond traditional models of support. 

Over the years I have received many who have gone through such traditional models, who have not recovered (often through many years of treatment), but who recover in a few sessions with me. So yes, it is possible to recover, as those who go through my programs show.  My methodologies are unique, because potent aspects of psychotherapy, constellation work, hypnosis and the latest in neuroscience and epigenetics are combined in one or two unified approaches. I have great results and welcome research into these modalities for those who have the resources for evidence-based unbiased testing. This is available for anyone who requires help in-person or online, or training in the area of  Recovery From Sexual Abuse. See

In this way many people may gain, brief and deeply effective help and better mental health. My wish is that through adding Recovery From Sexual Abuse training to my existing training, there will be many therapists who have done my Recovery From Sexual Abuse training who become part of a competent group of therapists who I can refer client’s to, when I become too busy in this work. I have created some add-on training components that my former trainees may do to come on board this new movement. There is enough work for all of us and much suffering may be alleviated in the world, as now more than ever, we as a species are facing monumental challenges on many fronts and need to be strong, resilient and resourceful. 

Please feel free to give comments or ask questions.