Sexual Assault RecoverySexual Assault Recovery

Sexual Assault Recovery people say recovery can occur by recounting your experience in front of a group of like-wise traumatised people. In this article I am going to tell you about a different way. A gentle, safe and effective process that doesn’t  re-traumatise you. A process that helps you move on. 

Re-telling your story in front of people who have gone through similar situation or to warn other groups of what could happen, may feel like it is helping you overcome the trauma. But this can end up as a collection of people telling their sad or tragic story. Over time this can overwhelm your view of the world. Terrible as it is and I know it can be really destroying on all levels. Telling the story can keep us stuck. It can even become a bit of a competition around who can tell the most tragic story. Even worse it can cause vicarious trauma to others.

But does group therapy work?

Don’t believe me? Consider –  has telling the story or hearing others stories really helped you in your recovery?

No doubt it helped to feel to be heard and validated. You may have felt compassion and understanding form others. That has great value, but has it really helped you in recovery? 

If it has you won’t need to keep telling or hearing these stories. 

Once you are recovered there is a sense of not wanting to stay in this space.

Re-telling the story repeatedly may be problematic. In unpacking it with a counsellor or in a peer group as the primary process of healing, this often has the effect of re-traumatisation. Focusing so much on the story in that it may become deeply entrenchment in the psyche, as a large part of identity as a victim.

Trauma informed workers are indeed doing the best they can and have the best intentions to help victims of trauma and sexual abuse, but if they are trauma informed only, they are not equipped with the knowledge and skills to process trauma efficiently and quickly in a safe healing pathway. Read more on this blog on recovering from Trauma

Try a new revolutionary way! – Safe, gentle and effective

Yildiz is trauma informed AND trauma skilled to help you in your sexual assault recovery to do it in a gentle, safe and effective way without re-traumatising you.

Sexual Assault Recovery:

  • The processes do not re-traumatise the client.
  • Trauma informed and Trauma skilled processes
  • The processes are gentle, safe, effective and lead to trauma recovery for clients.
  • Help people recover from trauma – not manage it. “From surviving to thriving”
  • Clients have their trauma resolved in 1, 3 or 5 sessions
  • Clients feel that they have had justice

Many people come to my clinic, as survivors of sexual abuse and assault, have frequently spent years in a range of “recognised” recovery centres. They have frequently gone through years of counselling or psychology, been part of support groups, mental health plans and medication and are still highly traumatised. Suffering from extremely poor self-esteem and a range of relationship, mental health and sex related problems.

Get real help. You don’t have to let this define you.

If you are interested in learning these Sexual Assault Recovery processes

International Online Training is taking place now, that is Trauma Informed AND Trauma Skilled for personal and systemic sexual assault recovery. Recovery from sexual abuse and trauma as a powerful and deeply effective, brief intervention.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse  Rapid Core shift

Emotional Mind Integration       Family Constellations

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