So, what am I doing differently?

Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Trauma

I was an educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years specialising in methods of counselling and a former physics and chemistry teacher always looking for ways that work more efficiently in practical, replicable, methodologies. From the outset in my therapy practice, I realised the limitations of counselling and psychotherapy, which is why I explored other ways of working that could really make a difference. This led me to clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and to Systemic Family Constellations. Then I developed new ways of working that go to core issues and trauma quickly and resolve them at that level in ways that are unique and do not exist anywhere else in the world. 

I founded Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing. These are trademarked by me and presented in my book Rapid Core Healing. In the book I discuss at length the problems with the medical model, research and the pharmaceutical industry and how it is holding back real innovation and progress in new mental health approaches. New ways of working that build on the best from the past and include the latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics and innovation in working with the mind. Ways of working that aim to release and resolve the trauma, work with finding solutions and enabling recovery. This takes place within 3-5 sessions for most. While there may be  a place for pharmaceutical drugs in some mental health conditions, the new approaches seek to work without drugs where possible.

The methodologies used in New dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse, are designed to locate and isolate the trauma, provide healing pathways to resolution and self-healing designed for each person according to their needs. These methodologies clear trauma at a neurological, unconscious and systemic level quickly. This includes personal assaults such as date rape, random assaults, family abuse such incest. This requires 3-5 sessions for most, once they are ready to move from victim or survivor, to really turn their life around so that they can move into a new start to their life. Rapid Core Healing

At New Dawn I offer a real and practical solution to the ‘Me Too’ movement for women and men in taking back their lives.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse Training
I offer training to share my knowledge and skills with those who wish to join me in becoming Recovery From Sexual Abuse practitioners, please come on board and look at training. Details

In training with me you will be able to add this to any therapy work that you already do. If you work in the medical model, unfortunately it is unlikely that they will be open to you working with anything other than their own medical model approaches. However, this is perfect training for those in private practice.   

The training consists of 3 trainings. Emotional Mind Integration, Systemic Family Constellations and Rapid Core Healing. Trainees receive 3 certificates.  With this certificate you will be able to join IICT if you wish and obtain insurance for your practice and you are strongly advised to do a short online course covering compliance as a health care worker according to COAG requirements.

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