1. You can’t recover. 
  2. The best you can do is become a survivor. 
  3. It ruins your ability to engage in good relationships. 
  4. Telling the story helps with the symptoms. 
  5. Telling the world about how terrible it is helps with the symptoms. 
  6. Telling the story saves others. 
  7. Telling the story supports others.  
  8. Trauma damages you forever. 
  9. Sexual abuse means you can never really enjoy sex again. 
  10. You will be constantly triggered.
  11. Mental health problems result from sexual abuse. 
  12. You will never be able to have meaningful sexual relationships. 
  13. You never be able to regain your trust in relationships. 
  14. Becoming an advocate for the abused or for raising awareness, while worthy. may have a big downside for your ultimate healing and wellbeing. 
  15. It is necessary to talk about it. 
  16. Meeting others who have been abused for support helps you to heal. 
  17. Unpacking what happened with friends or therapists is therapeutic. 
  18. Trauma is a life sentence. 
  19. You can’t change the pattern

You  can’t recover.