When something bad happens, it is natural to want to warn others, so that they can avoid it. This is a good intention. It is definitely helpful to let people know some practical advise, to protect their drinks from being spiked, avoid certain dating procedures or apps or potentially dangerous situations. Some may listen, but a lot wont. They are driven by their need to socialise, find romance, do what ‘everyone else,’ is doing and not miss out on being young and silly. Most of all, most of us think ‘it won’t happen to me’.

Once you have done your duty in trying to warn others as best you can, its best to start focusing on yourself and the process of self-healing. While you are focusing on others you are neglecting this vital next step. 

One of the things that the family of sexual abuse survivors report is how obsessed the victim can become on trying to save others, while their own relationships fall by the wayside. The obsession is very likely to be the result of the trauma they hold. There is help to be found see New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse.