Sexual abuseWhile it’s true that you may gain some relief initially in telling others what happened to you and also expose you deep emotional wounds, this is not the answer to real self-healing.

There are several level of healing that need to take place. Telling the story is good as a first step. Reporting may also be of help especially if it is received by the authorities seriously. All of this is validating and confirming that something bad happened and that people are empathetic and have some idea of your history and what you’ve been through. If you are physically damaged you have to heal.

Many people go further, in making a career out of their abuse. A constant revisiting of the situation will keep the neural pathways of it active by keeping it charged and alive. This is not helpful for recovery. 

Now we need to look at your mind, heart and body. These hold the trauma and the true cost of what happened to you. While you have a story, this is only the entre.’ The raw details are repressed in the unconscious mind as you have a terrorised or interrupted ‘fight and flight’ response that is probably frozen inside and stored in the mind, body and heart. This includes fear and terror, humiliation and often shame and guilt.

Each of these need to be processed quickly and effectively without re-traumatisation.

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