Being a victim has a stigma attached to it that no one wants to carry. In a culture and medical model that has no belief or effective therapeutic modalities to recovery, the deep conflicts left by sexual assault, in the mind and body of the person involved, the only choice has been to come to a point in development, where you can pull yourself up as a survivor. That is a big journey in itself. Yes, it’s definitely an improvement and implies taking back some power and has an element of ‘fight’ about it. This is positive. 

However, surviving is still being chained to what happened. It is not recovery that allows more  freedom. In my practice of over twenty years I have assisted many people in recovery from sexual abuse and in only a few sessions. I am not part of the medical model, but I am a registered clinical counsellor, registered clinical hypnotherapist and founder of two new psychotherapies focusing on trauma-release and rewiring of the brain, for those who are ready to move on. Moving on is a mind shift in itself, as it requires the person concerned to re identify themselves as ‘normal’, just like everyone else, with responsibilities as they re-join the mainstream of life. Leaving the experience in the background, but without the sting.

You can recover from sexual abuse. 

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