The problem is we are at the beginning of a huge movement in society in calling out abuse, inappropriate behaviour and being put down, not seen or heard or being used, shamed or victimised. Standing up, speaking about it, having the courage to name perpetrators are all valid in making a stand. Politically, socially and in the name of justice. This is all fine but what happens to the shock, shame and trauma that is trapped in the mind and body? Unfortunately sexual abuse frequently has long term effects on how you feel about yourself and what kind of life you feel you deserve, the kinds of relationships you attract and what you aspire to in life.

Much of the abuse is normally repressed which is how the mind and body have developed to protect you from the shock. However, over time these repressions often become triggers to thoughts, fears, flash backs and involuntary behaviour, shame and chronic low self-esteem. These all effect how you live your life. Relationships, career and most of all finding more peace in your life.

The Me Too movement must be commended for raising this issue. Whether you prefer to report your abuse or not the trauma of it lives with you. Talking about it while it can give some relief does not release the trauma. At New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse clinic I have developed a new way of working with recovery from trauma. It is fast, safe and deeply effective in moving you from being a victim or a survivor to thriving in 3-5 sessions for most people.