Recovery From Sexual Abuse Training

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Find out about this revolutionary Unique professional training for the Recovery of Sexual Abuse in an interview with Yildiz Sethi, the founder by Kerry Drake

Recovery From Sexual Abuse training:

Training for Recovery From Sexual Abuse with the founder Yildiz Sethi

Do you want to really make a difference in being part of the solution in the You Too movement, in helping the victims of sexual abuse to come out of trauma in a profound way into really moving on in their lives?

If so, what if you could assist the client in locating the disturbance or trauma. via neural networks and assist them in completing their traumatic response and releases, so they may recover their dignity, all in one session at a time and complete with integration? An average of 3-5 sessions only required for most people.
All this without retraumatisation.

In training to be a Recovery From Sexual Abuse therapist you will be taught Rapid Core Healing RCH.

Rapid Core Healing works with present day assaults and generational sexual abuse such as incest and trauma that requires 3-5 sessions on average for most to recovery.

This is a Unique and powerfully effective process of self healing for those who need it most.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse training involves training in:
Emotional Mind Integration
Systemic Family Constellations Foundation level 1
Rapid Core Healing.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse (RFSA) training.

We know that it is necessary to work with both the  generational and personal aspects of sexual assault and abuse in a way that is safe, non trumatising and effective.  We have new up-to-date approaches that include neuroscience and the best of available cutting-edge psychotherapies for New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse. At New Dawn you are trained in throee major sections.

This is a comprehensive training where you will need to learn how to work with personal sexual abuse, systemic or generational sexual abuse and put it all together in Rapid Core Healing.

  • Emotional Mind Integration
    Emotional Mind Integration is a neuro-trance psychotherapy. Ideal for working with personal unconscious feelings and memories, disturbances and trauma quickly and effectively. Course Outline
  • Rapid Core Healing
    Rapid Core Healing is a process that integrates Emotional Mind Integration and Systemic  Constellations. Details
  • Family (Systemic) Constellations
    This is for generational Sexual abuse. Course Outline


Join Us Now

The Recovery From Sexual Abuse training is 25 days in all.
This training is currently online due to the Covid pandemic.

Is available only HERE with the founder.

Will equip you to work with relationships, and a range of mental health issues and trauma as well as sexual abuse recovery.

Is the best investment you will ever make.

The training is largely experiential and with opportunities to practice.

New practitioners
You will be able to gain insurance at the end for your practice and start working after a very short online compliance course.

Existing practitioners.

Add it to your insurance and off you go.

New Dawn and Recovery

Our mission at New Dawn is to have as many people as possible trained in Recovery From Sexual Abuse so that more people may gain effective help. We aim to have many pratitioners trained by us in each state of Australia that we may refer people to for competent assistance. See the training options below:

Your Trainers

Yildiz Sethi

Yildiz Sethi

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Yildiz is a psychotherapist, founder of psychotherapy, author and trainer of many year’s experience. She has  amaster of Counselling and is a clinical hypnotherapist. She imparts practical as well as theoretical knowledgeand skills. She came from a physics and chemistry teaching background and was an Educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years specialising in Methods of Counselling. Yildiz has had a orivate practice for twenty years and has been holding training in Systemic Family Constellations since 2008 and more recently in her own modalities (since 2017) Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.  Learn from the creator of EMI and RCH.

Satish Sethi

Satish K Sethi

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Satish wrote and presented 22 courses to adults when he was working in the IT world as a technical specialist. He was the main trainer used by Computer associates and Computer people to present their mainframe courses. He is a Systemic Family Constellations facilitator/therapist as well as trained in Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Rapid Core Healing (RCH). Satish has been a therapist since 2005 and attended Systemic Family Constellations training in India, Germany, Spain and Hellinger training in Austria.

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