You can recover from sexual abuseYou can recover from sexual abuserecover from sexual abuse

Recovery from sexual abuse and the medical model

The traditional approach which includes the medical model in Australia and in other parts of the world, is that recovery from sexual abuse is not possible.

The medical model is largely influenced by their belief that once the brain or mind is broken, it can’t be fully recovered.

This belief goes back around 400 years according to Norma Doidge in his book The Brain That Changes Itself and has formed the basis of beliefs to the present, even though neuroscience and epigenetics studies are showing this to be patently untrue.  With this old belief grew ways of managing symptoms with cognitive behavioural therapies accompanied by medication by the traditional medical model consisting of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists and evidence-based research. The problem with this system is that it is largely a closed shop that researches only its own approaches and is therefore not interested and aware of the efficacy of other approaches.

Sexual abuse is a trauma that involves shock and the chemical and hormonal and chemical concoction of incomplete ‘fight and flight’ responses. This leads to deep damage to self-esteem for not being able to defend or stand up for themselves or fight off assault appropriately. They were robbed of their dignity and autonomy of a most intimate part of their physiology and mind in a case of violence, often betrayal and ultimate control. Such a person most often, holds the shame of the incident and often guilt too. With appropriate therapeutic approaches, this may be discharged and the brain may rewire. The good news is that it may take place relatively quickly over a few sessions. 

You can recover from sexual abuse

Yildiz uses processes that are effective, modern, quick and gentle:

Yildiz is:You can recover from sexual abuser

  • A counsellor and has a Masters in Counselling.
  • A Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • A Family Constellations therapist and teacher
  • An EMI founder, practitioner and teacher
  • An RCS founder, practitioner and teacher

Yildiz is experienced  in Mind Science. Yildiz was a physics and chemistry teacher for over 17 years prior to a crossroads in her life that has led to where she is now. Her scientific training spurred her on to find methodologies that are efficient and effective in helping people make changes, resolve conflict and find more freedom.

She started a private practice in 2000 as a professional clinical counsellor with a focus to find the best ways of working to help people come out of suffering and to enable growth and wellness.

This took her on a varied journey in learning and experiences. She became a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Family Constellations facilitator and trainer. Through her clinical practice with clients she founded EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) and RCH (Rapid Core Healing)

She is also an author of 3 books

Her latest book Rapid Core Healing Pathways to growth and emotional healing (2016) is the foundation book for the training.

Yildiz continued in Education as a trainer at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years where she specialised in Methods of Counselling.

Yildiz enjoys training and has an interactive experiential style of delivery for participants to encourage interaction, engagement and learning.


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